vitaQuakeII v1.5 : Quake II émulé

vitaQuakeII (vitaquake 2) est un portage du jeu Quake 2 par Rinnegatamante.

Version 1.5
- Switched from software rendering to hardware accelerated rendering ith vitaGL.
- Moved from mixed 480x272/960x544 resolution to full native 960x544 resolution.
- Fixed native screenshot feature (Scr_Screenshot). Now works as intended.
- Added a "limit framerate" voice in Options menu to cap framerate to 30.
- Added a "show fps" voice in Video menu to show framerate while playing.
- Fixed mp3 support for CDAudio soundtrack. Now works as intended.
- Added "render shadows" voice in Video menu to enable/disable entities shadows rendering.
- Improved right analog aiming sensibility (thanks to rsn8887/ShroomKing).

Version 1.0.1
- Rescaler now works as inteded. Before it didn't really change the in-game resolution.
- Now rescaler won't cause random crashes anymore.
- Now closing the homebrew from the Exit voice won't cause a crash anymore.
- Adjusted standard camera sensibility.
- Fixed camera sensibility option in Options menu to make it more flexible.
- Adjusted Options menu renaming some voices and removing others that didn't do anything on the Vita port.

vitaQuakeII is a port of Quake II for PSVITA.
At the moment vitaQuakeII has unique features like dualshock rumbling when player get hit and an internal render rescaler. It supports also double analogs for comfortable gameplay, online and locale multiplayer with featured servers, soundtracks support, sounds support and a lot more stuffs

- Native 960x544 resolution!
- Internal render rescaler
- Sound and Soundtrack support
- Support for shareware and full versions of Quake
- Native support to both PSVITA analogs
- Unique features like dualshock rumbling, fps counter, ...
- Variable camera sensibility for right analog in option menu
- Multiplayer with support for both locale and online games with featured online servers

- Left Analog = Move player
- DPad UP = Use item
- DPad Left/Right = Select item
- DPAD Down = Drop item
- Right Analog = Move camera
- X = Jump
- O = Crouch
- R Trigger / Square = Shoot
- Triangle = Change Weapon
- L Trigger = Run
- Select = Show Mission (Singleplayer) / Scores (Multiplayer)

Vous aurez besoin d'installer le dossier quake2 trouvable sur le site officiel (il s'agit de la démo du jeu) vers le dossier ux0:/data
Ou bien trouvez le jeu complet et mettez ces fichiers au même endroit. officiel :

Identifiez vous pour télécharger les fichiers.

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