vitaQuakeIII v0.5 beta : Quake 3 sur PS Vita

Après Quake 1 et Quake 2, Rinnegatamante nous livre maintenant Quake 3 (VitaQuake III) version homebrew sur PS Vita.

Vous pouvez aller sur le site officiel pour télécharger la démo déjà configurée pour fonctionner correctement avec VitaQuakeIII, ou vous pouvez rajouter le jeu complet à cette archive (vous devez télécharger le "data file" ici en plus du VPK).

vitaQuakeIII is a port of Quake 3: Arena and Quake 3: Team Arena based on ioquake3 engine.
It's still in current BETA stage so expect bugs and unstable framerate but as of now it's already enjoyable for playing.
I suggest NOT TO MESS UP with Setup menu since the release will have an already tweaked config file that should offer a good framerate without downgrading too much graphics. If you want to change some settings, edit q3config file inside baseq3 folder.

How to use lower resolutions:

To use lower resolutions to improve framerate more, edit in q3config file the r_mode parameter to:

0 = 480x272
1 = 640x368
2 = 720x408
3 = 960x544


DPad or Left Analog = Move character
Right Analog = Move Camera
L = Aim
R = Shoot
Cross = Jump
Square = Crouch
Circle = Use Item
Triangle = Change in use weapon
Start = Pause
Select = Show Score

How to use full game files:

To use full game files, you'll need data files updated to latest patch available.
Place pk3 files from baseq3 folder to ux0:data/ioq3/baseq3 folder for standard game and pk3 files from missionpack folder to ux0:data/ioq3/missionpack folder for Quake 3: Team Arena.

Known bugs/issues:

- Framerate is unstable, especially in Team Arena
- Quake III: Arena logo is not properly rendered in main menu
- Character model is not properly rendered in Setup submenus
- 3D Icons in the in game HUD get covered from walls sometimes and from player weapon
- Attempting to launch Team Arena in game from Quake III causes a crash (use the Livearea icon)
- Multiplayer currently doesn't work officiel :

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