QCMA 0.4.0: open source Content Manager Assistant (CMA)

QCMA est une nouvelle alternative à CMA, l'outil servant à copier des fichiers de/vers la PS Vita, de nouveau totalement open source mais cette fois-ci compatible ... Windows, Linux et Mac.

Version 0.4.0
Allow driver selection in components page.
Make ffmpeg optional for macOS builds.
Removed system tray plugins.
Added button to save current listing to json.
Inject version info into embedded xml and ignore local xml file by default.
Added check for 3.60 update pup.
Fix folder open button in backup manager.
Implement automatic database refresh.

Version 0.3.13
* Notify the user if an update check is being made.
* Bundle libusbK driver by default on windows installer.
* Fix build on openSUSE and OSX.
* Fix incomplete spanish translations.

Version 0.3.12
* Added support for host endianess.
* removed systray plugins compilation build on rpm, too unstable.

Version 0.3.11
* fixed compilation with newer ffmpeg.
* removed appindicator compilation build on debs, too unstable.

Version 0.3.10
* debian: switch to libvitamtp*
* Added manpages.
* Added french translation.
* Added systemd unit file for qcma_cli.
* Replaced dbus with unix signals.
* Show sorted game entries on Vita side.
* Fixed offline mode on vitas that connect to PSN from non-main countries.

Version 0.3.9
* Set correct organization name in qcma_cli.
* Fix for protocolMode "custom".
* Use updated avcodec function calls.

Version 0.3.8
* Fix broadcast in qcma_cli

Version 0.3.7
* Added pre 2.00 protocol versions to the config dialog.
* Fixed installation of appindicator plguin on standalone mode.
* Added support for Plasma 5 notifier.
* Use Qt5 by default.
* Fixed file downloader.
* Do no start broadcast received if wireless mode is disabled.

Version 0.3.6
* Fix stupid bug with function scope.

Version 0.3.5
* Added selector to override the default protocol version.
* Do not override the user provided protocol version with a default value.

Version 0.3.4
* Support for FW 3.30
* Added an option to change the protocol version (so no need to wait for me to update qcma if the new version blocks old protocols).
* Linux only: added KDE notifier and Unity appindicator support. No more missing tray on these 2 desktops.

Fixed bug with PSP savedata transfer.
Fixed bug when transferring multimedia folders.

Headless qcma version.
Added dbus controls to qcma (Linux only)
Set the default video codec to h264 if metadata skip is enabled.
Delay the progress dialog by one second so it doesn't show on quick scans.
Do not show the disconnect message if no connection is established.
Show correct directory separators on Windows.
Show if savedata, updates or dlc are present on backup manager.
New database backend. Disabled for now.
Added options to disable multimedia indexing.

Fixed bug where USB transfers couldn't be cancelled.
Enabled item in Advanced settings dialog: "Skip metadata retrieval" (disabled by default).
Enabled item in Advanced settings dialog: "Disable USB monitoring" (disabled by default).
Enabled item in Advanced settings dialog: "Disable Wireless monitoring" (disabled by default).

Resolved problem when reading big files in PSP savedatas (like sending ISOS to the Vita).
Resolved high memory usage when receiving files from PSP savedatas (like ISOS from TN-V).
Fix crash on startup on some circunstances.
Enabled item in Advanced settings dialog: "Offline mode" (enabled by default).

Show the account name on the info popup when the vita is connected (just like the official CMA).
Fixed bug with multimedia browsing/streaming of content who has non-ascii characters on the filename.
Picture scanning should be a little faster (use internal Qt library instead of ffmpeg for picture metadata extraction).
KDE native notification support (only on Archlinux or builds from source code).
Fixed bug with backup usage size when no items are detected.
No more delay on Qcma exit if no devices are connected (will wait if a PS Vita is still connected).

Added filter for backup manager
Fixed the PIN bug (negative numbers).
Fixed bug related to creation of base folders for game backups.
Show connection status in icon tray color.
Show PSM icons in backup manager.
Fixed bug with listing in backup manager.
Fixed crash in PS Vita with some PSP savedatas.
Avoid creation of folder with account id "ffffffffffffffff"

QCMA in WiFi mode is compatible with FW 3.00.

Fixed bug (again) with large file support for linux binaries in 32bit.

Les versions linux, Windows 64 bits ou Mac sont disponible sur le site officiel.

Note: vous aurez besoin de brancher la PS Vita et que le CMA de Sony soit fermé avant de lancer l'installation pour que les drivers s'installent.

IMPORTANT : Le fichier étant trop gros, vous êtes obligés d'aller sur le site officiel pour le télécharger.

https://codestation.github.io/qcma/Site officiel : https://codestation.github.io/qcma/

Identifiez vous pour télécharger les fichiers.



C'est le backup manager qui m’intéresse le plus dans tout ça mais, j'ai pas compris comment le faire fonctionner.


ok c'est compris


très bien


je n'arrive pas a utiliser qcma quelqu’un peu m aider


Je n'arrive pas non plus à utiliser QCMA sur ma tour . Il me met : " no vita has been registered ". J'ai essayé de chercher une solution mais en vain.
Je ne sais pas utiliser opencma car je ne sais pas installer cma ( un probleme de c++2008, un truc dans le genre) , sur mon pc portable j'ai pu l'installer mais là ma vita ne veut rien faire tant que je la met pas à jour ( je suis en fw 3.18).
Quelqu'un peut il m'aider svp ?
Merci d'avance


J'aimerais savoir s'il est possible d'utiliser ce logiciel sans mettre a jour la PS Vita ? Car malgré toute mes tentatives je n'arrive toujours pas à utiliser Open Cma sans que celui ci me demande de faire une mise a jour.