VitaOrganizer v0.6.1

VitaOrganizer est un programme similaire à FTP PSVita VPK Installer qui vous permet d'installer vos jeux en vpk sur votre PS Vita sans avoir besoin du double de la taille du jeu en espace libre.

Version 0.6.1
[new] Support copying via usb (gordon0001)
[new] Misc improvements (gordon0001)
[new] MacOS app support (

Version 0.6.0
[new] Hotspot feature (just for windows) [quickly create a unique wifi hostednetwork with a SSID and PASS directly from the app for direct sending without Internet connection]
[new] Added support for converting maidumptool backups into vpk
[new] Added support for installing some maidumptool backups that were not working previously
[new] Support update vpks + several versions with the same TITLE_ID
[new] Display path in context menu
[new] New icons
[new] New cache system
[fixed] Show vpks without icons
[fixed] Deleting vpk after installing
[fixed] Fixed compression level that was compression method
[fixed] Not reporting progress when indexing vpks
[removed] Temporarily deleted display device games
[improved] Notice when closing if there is a task running
[improved] Allow opening several PSF files at once
[improved] Moved old two-pass installation method into a submenu so it is harder to access
[improved] Improved popup context menu
Some refactorings
Some reliability fixes
Some translation updates

Version 0.5.2
Added a couple of new texts (MENU_INSTALL_VPK and STEP_SENDING_GAME_UPLOADING)
Updated STEP_UPLOADING_VPK_FOR_PROMOTING supporting %speed%
Fixed install in 1-step
Fixed installing vpk without connecting to psvita previously (that was trying to connect to fixed
Added File - Install VPK option to be able to install not listed VPK
Capitalized languages in menus
Small fixes, improvements and cleanups

Version 0.5.1
Added language menu
Fixed languages that were displayed wrong
Small internal improvements

Version 0.5
Filtering feature
Dumper Version/Compression Level display
About dialog
Added 2 level of subdirectories
More translations officiel :

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