VitaShell v1.72: Diverses fonctions comme lanceur d'homebrews

VitaShell est un homebrew (Hankaku et anciennement rejuvenate) par TheFlow qui permet diverses fonctions comme le lancement d'homebrews, gestionnaire de fichiers, lecteur de photos, éditeur héxa etc.

Version 1.72
Fixed pfs mounting bug where you could not export files from specific folders.
Fixed bug where files from https could not be downloaded using QR code.
Fixed bug with pvsd usb device mounting where microSD could not be found.

Version 1.71
Fixed pvsd usb device mounting.
Fixed bug where uma0: options were grayed out on non PS TV models.
Fixed bug where the QR code scanner showed the result twice.

Version 1.7
Added QR Code scanner and file downloader by cxziaho (press L+R to open the camera).
Added option in 'More->' to open applications in decrypted mode (bypass PFS). Thanks to frangarcj.
Added ability to mount sd2vita and psvsd as usb device.
Fixed bug where 'imc0:' could not be mounted if the Memory Card was not available.
Fixed bug where accessing the settings menu crashed if there was no Memory Card available.
Fixed bug where automatic usb connection was not blocked, after leaving and resuming VitaShell.
PS TV will now always open FTP when pressing SELECT.

Version 1.63
Added ability to export video files.
Added support for PSVSD uma0: mounting.
Fixed bug where the right analog stick was simulated when the headphone was plugged in.

Télécharger VitaShell v1.72: Diverses fonctions comme lanceur d'homebrewsTélécharger VitaShell v1.72: Diverses fonctions comme lanceur d'homebrews