UAE4All mod 1.37: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200

Voici un portage de UAE4All, un émulateur Amiga 500/1200 pour PS Vita avec Henkaku, porté par cpasjuste puis modifié par rsn8887.

some fixes to savestates. Now savestates work even with no disk inserted in df0. Savestate file name is now the first available name among df0, boot-hd, hdf2, hdf3, hdf4, df1, df2, df3.

added measures to prevent file corruption: Disabled PS button because it caused corruption of hdf files; display a warning about file corruption if the Amiga is writing to hdf while the user tries to exit the program
fix hdf size checking
fixed up some menu text
adjusted quickswitch screenmodes by two pixels

now upto four hdf files can be mounted. From my own testing, it looks like 2 Gb is the hdf size limit. Geometry for each file can be changed by manually editing the config file, default is sectors:surfaces:reserved:blocksize=32:1:2:512 for files <1 GB, 32:2:2:512 for files >1Gb and 32:4:2:512 for files >2Gb. Only files <=2 Gb seem to work.

hires support (e.g. 640*256), switchable in display menu. (Select a screen mode with "640" as width in the first option of the display menu, and the Workbench will be rendered with every pixel. A width of "320" reverts back to old behavior.)

Télécharger UAE4All mod 1.37: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200Télécharger UAE4All mod 1.37: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200