rinCheat v0.1: Triche, screenshot etc pour HENkaku

rinCheat est un plugin pour HENkaku permettant de tricher, de faire des impressions d'écran, changer la fréquence du CPU, exporter/importer les sauvegardes déchiffrées de jeux, streamer l'écran PS Vita vers votre PC etc..


  • - Realtime cheats with cheats database support.
  • - Realtime memory scanner with (partial) heap scanner and main thread stack scanner.
  • - Decrypted savedata exporter/importer with multiple saveslots.
  • - Improved screenshot feature (no compression) in any game and any situation.
  • - FTP Server during gaming phase.
  • - Possibility to change console clockage with CPU, GPU, BUS, GPU Crossbar support.
  • - Possibility to disable Auto Suspend feature while in game.
  • - Possibility to stream PSVITA screen to PC while gaming.

Version 0.1
- Added Screen Stream feature over WiFi.
- Improved compatibility with several patches (Stack Size Patch, Unusual Framebuffer Sizes Patch, Unusual Main Thread ID Patch, etc...).
- Added multiple saveslots support for decrypted savedatas.
- Added new cheats to the cheats database.
- Fixed wrong colors in screenshot feature for MMC mode. Now they are correctly took.
- Improved speed for screenshot taking and savedata dumping/restoring in MMC mode.
- Several patches to the Memory Scanner, now it's more stable.
- Added GPU crossbar clock to the Game Hacks.
- Now Heap Scanner and Net Module states are shown on rinCheat main menu.
- Now Heap Scanner and Net module availability are checked at each rinCheat main menu triggering.
- Now Net Module requests are resolved in realtime (No need to resume the game to make changes effective).
- Fixed export/import savedata for games that have huge files in savedata (Ex: Dragon Quest Builder). Now works as intended.
- Now settings will be saved on MMC for next games startup at rinCheat menu closing. (Ex: If you change CPU clock, this will be auto-set to the same value when you start the game the next time).

Télécharger rinCheat v0.1: Triche, screenshot etc pour HENkakuTélécharger rinCheat v0.1: Triche, screenshot etc pour HENkaku