[MAJ]Adrenaline v4: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS Vita

Le CFW adrenaline sur PS Vita est déjà mit à jour pour une version 4.

Version 4
- Added custom graphics filtering support for PS1 games.
- Added screen mode adjustment for PS1 games. If you're using this feature on a PS Vita, select 'Original' screen mode in the
offical settings, then apply the custom screen mode. On the other hand, if you want to the screen mode of the official settings,
select 'Original' screen mode in Adrenaline settings. On a PS TV this will finally allow you to play your games in fullscreen.
- Added screenshot support in PS1 games.
- Added network update feature for future updates.
- Fixed a bug in msfs driver that caused weird behaviour in XMB after resuming from standby.
- Removed 'Official' graphics filtering in order to support the features mentioned above.

Version 3.1
- Added support for cwcheat in PS1 games.
- Fixed sound problems after exiting a PS1 game.
- Fixed 'Please wait...' bug in some games.
- Fixed problem where mounting ur0: as USB device would cause problems in livearea.

Version 3 fix
- Fixed bug where 'Cannot find application' would show up instead of returning to livearea.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't access the Adrenaline Menu after enabling/disabling wifi.

Version 3
- Added ability to launch PS1 games from XMB and play them with full sound.
- Added ability to save and load states using the 'States' tab in the Adrenaline menu.
- Added possiblity to connect USB in XMB and added 'Toggle USB' option to recovery menu.
- Added ability to return to livearea by double tapping the PS button.
- Added Adrenaline startup image designed by Freakler.
- Added option to force high memory layout. For 'The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion' Demo.
- Added option to execute 'BOOT.BIN' in UMD/ISO. For 'Saints Row: Undercover' Demo.
- Added correct enter and cancel buttons assignment.
- Fixed volatile memory allocation bug that made 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed',
'Tony Hawk's Project 8' and maybe more games crashing.
- Fixed bug that was introduced in v2 which caused some games to crashed at PMF sequences.
- Fixed NoDrm engine bug where fan translated games couldn't load PGD decrypted files.
- Fixed msfs directory filter bug that caused some games not to recognize savedatas.
- Fixed compatiblity of base games, any game should now be able to use Adrenaline to the fullest.

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Télécharger Adrenaline v4: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS VitaTélécharger Adrenaline v4: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS Vita