Adrenaline v6.8: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS Vita

Adrenaline est un Custom Firmware (CFW) modifiant l'émulateur PSP sur la PS Vita, par TheFlow et fonctionnant grâce à taiHEN.

Ce custom firmware permet à peu près la même chose qu'un CFW PSP, à savoir :
- Lecture de backups ISO/CSO PSP
- Lecture de backups PSX avec le son (via PSX2PSP)
- Homebrews PSP
- Plugins
- VshMenu, Recovery Menu
- Ram de 64Mo
- Possibilité de sauvegarder sur ur0 à la place des memory stick
- Et plus
Version 6.8
Added sharp bilinear without scanlines filter. Thanks to rsn8887.
Fixed PS1 slowdowns. Thanks to rsn8887.
Fixed compatiblity with h-encore 2.0.
Fixed compatiblity with udcd_uvc.skprx plugin.

Version 6.7
Added support for PS1 multiplayer on PS Vita using an upcoming DS3/DS4 plugin.

Version 6.3
Added ability to freely adjust the screen size to your desire in both psp and ps1 modes.
Removed 'Screen Mode' and 'Screen Size' from menu.
Improved Adrenaline Menu.

Version 6.6
Fixed bug from previous update that caused black screen in other DJ max games.
Inferno driver was not included correcty, now it is.
Tekken 6 can now be played with any CPU speed.

Version 6.5
Added updated inferno driver by codestation which improves performance of CSO reading.
Added option to choose USB device.
Added xmc0: option.
Fixed stupid mistake that made DJ max portable 1 crash. Install it again, because this has been added post-release. If you installed using System Update, you've to update manually to have this change included
Fixed little bug in msfs.
Removed savestate version restriction, old savestates will not disappear anymore.

Lisez ici le tutoriel pour savoir comment installer Adrenaline sur votre PS Vita

Télécharger Adrenaline v6.8: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS VitaTélécharger Adrenaline v6.8: CFW 6.61 PSP sur PS Vita