EDuke32 Vita v1.5.1: Duke Nukem 3D sur PS Vita

EDuke32 Vita vous permet de rejouer au jeu Duke Nukem 3D, via le moteur open source EDuke32 que vous pouvez trouver notamment sur PC.

Bien sur n'oubliez pas de rajouter les fichiers du jeu original (GRP).

Version 1.5.1
- Reduced memory available from 330 MB to 300 MB to prevent crashes with some GRP files.
- Added sceIme keyboard for inputting savegames names (Thanks to rsn8887).
- Fixed autoload feature crashing the game on certain setups.

Version 1.5
- Updated to a newer build of the engine (r6862).
- Fixed autoload support. Now it works as intended. (Remember to set NoAutoload to 0 in eduke32.cfg)
- Fixed graphics glitches with sprites and mirrors. Now they're correctly rendered.
- Sprites are now rendered in higher quality.
- Added a launcher on boot that allows to select what GRP to load.
- Added a way at boot to launch the engine with custom commandline arguments for mods and special GRPs support.
- Increased available RAM for the engine from 192 MB to 330 MB.
- Added bilinear filtering to the final rendered framebuffer.
- Fix for log file not being generated. Now it's correctly filled in ux0:data/EDuke32/eduke32.log. officiel :

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