Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.02 : Gérez les bulles PSP

Adrenaline Bubble Manager est un homebrew qui vous permet de gérer les bulles permettant de lancer vos contenus PSP (HBS/PSX/ISO/CSO), sur une PS Vita avec Taihen.

Version 5.02
Fixed data.inf error.
Added config.bin on each bubble (adrenaline boot screen disabled).
New graphics by Wz-Jk.

Version 5.01
Compatible with Adrenaline v6.3 thanks to Lman.
Added npdrmfree enable/disable option to ABM bubble edit screen.
Added ux0:data/ABM/crc.ini to detect the CRC32 of the skprx modules.

Version 5.0
Added submenu for Extra Setting.
Added hability to inject images to ABM bubbles.

Version 4.11
Added drop down submenu when pressing START.
Added option to choose a favorite color (Will be saved).
Added option to show the sorted list according to preferences.
Double tap when submenu is open for help.

Version version 4.10
Buttons X and O reassigned only when using ABM (only if required).
Fix list sorting, now ABM shows last preset option everytime.
Fix snowfall animation. officiel :

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