vitaWolfen v1.5 : Wolfenstein sur PS Vita

vitaVolfen, la version PS Vita du jeu Wolvenstein 3D dispose d'une grosse mise à jour !

Version 1.5
- Moved to vitaGL for rendering.
- Moved from Wolf3D-PSP to Wolf4SDL base code.
- Fixed a lot of bugs causing random crashes, graphical glitches, game freezes
- Fixed fade-in/fade-out effects. Now they work as intended.
- Fixed main menu voices not being usable/freezing the game
- Fixed boot menu animation, now it works as intended.
- Reworked the launcher with ImGui for a cool-looking experience.
- Added an ImGui menubar with several features in-game.
- Added Cheats menu with several cheats to use during game.
- Added an fps counter.
- Added shaders support.
- Added vFlux support.
- Added Bilinear filtering support.
- Added runtime rescaler with customizable resolution settings.
- Added possibility to change in game UI appearence in the main menu.
- Fixed swap weapon key. Now it doesn't bug anymore keeping switching weapon constantly.
- Added support for Spear of Destiny missionpacks (Return to Danger and Ultimate Callenge).
- Added possibility to launch another core without having to close and reopen the launcher.
- Fixed audio code. Now it doesn't have strange glitchy effects with some sounds.
- Improved framerate. Now game runs at solid 60 FPS.

Télécharger vitaWolfen v1.5 : Wolfenstein sur PS VitaTélécharger vitaWolfen v1.5 : Wolfenstein sur PS Vita