VHBL a du plombs dans l'aile

Comme on l'avais raconté, wololo bosse sur plusieurs exploits futurs pour lancer WHBL sur PSVita. On sais maintenant qu'un contretemps est arrivé empêchant sa sortie.

L'exploit en lequel wololo avait le plus d'espoir, permettant de lancer WHBL complètement ne pourra pas être dévoilé.
Plusieurs raisons. La première est que le jeu PSP nécessaire n'est pas disponible sur le SHOP américain, ce qui fait qu'un nombre beaucoup moins important d'utilisateurs sont touchés.
Seconde raison, la personne qui a trouvé l'exploit (eh oui, ce n'est pas wololo), ne souhaite pas que celui-ci soit diffusé au public.

Il y a bien d'autres exploits dans la liste de wololo, mais le problème est qu'ils ne permettent pas de lancer VHBL, juste certains homebrews du fait de fonctions manquantes dans le jeu en question ...

La suite de la déclaration en anglais :

Hey guys, just a quick update to my ongoing port to VHBL, with sadly, not-so-good news so far.

as I posted a few days ago, I have access to a few interesting user mode exploits in PSP games, all of them candidates to a VHBL port. One of them is actually ready (the one I showcased in videos so far), but for various reasons it cannot be released.

I’ll stop with the secrets here, and give a few of the reasons:

First, it’s basically the only user mode exploit I have with a fully functional port of VHBL. I’d like to have at least a second one available, as a “backup”. Second, the owner(s) of this exploit are not really inclined to make it public for now. Third, the game is not available in the US store, and this would dramatically limit the amount of people interested in the exploit.

Now, what about the other exploits? I have been working on a promising one for the past 2 weeks, but sadly, it’s a tough nut to crack. I could get super simple homebrews to run, but not more complex ones such as (sigh) the VHBL menu. I am still not giving up on this particular exploit, but it is taking much more time than I initially imagined (I’ve already spent close to 30 hours working on that exploit alone). You can see a few details here.

Some other exploits just don’t have the necessary functions required for VHBL. In particular, many old games do not import the function sceUtilityLoadModule, which is today a central piece of VHBL. Thankfully, it is easy to detect these issues early in the development process, and discard the games.

Other exploits are just incomplete (I hate those) : basically, the author of the exploit sent me a lose proof of concept that only works in some very specific conditions (example: set your language to Spanish and run the exploit on a Tuesday night during a full moon, while singing some Justin Bieber song), without giving me any sort of indication. So, I basically have to figure out why the exploit works for them and not for me, then rewrite the exploit from scratch in a more portable way, which is taking lots of precious hours.

Finally, other exploits have “political” issues. Things such as “yeah, it’s a great exploit but XXX is using it as a way to access their kernel exploit and we’d prefer not to release it publicly”. In essence, the exploit I showcased in the recent VHBL videos is one of those. I don’t think it is actually being used by anybody, but it has some good potential and shouldn’t be used for VHBL if alternate solutions are available.

I was hoping to have some good news today, but sadly this is not happening yet. I am still investigating a few user mode exploits. In addition to the ones I already know about, some new leads come regularly to me, thanks to you guys. Remember that one person alone cannot drive the whole hacking scene. VHBL wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for the help of many “not so well known” hackers who have provided the user mode exploits in the first place. Finding user mode exploits is not that difficult, but very helpful. If you find some, get in touch with me! Despite what others might say, we always need fresh user mode exploits :)

http://wololo.net/2012/06/30/bumps-in-the-road-to-vhbl/Source : http://wololo.net/2012/06/30/bumps-in-the-road-to-vhbl/