UAE4All mod 1.33: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200

Voici un portage de UAE4All, un émulateur Amiga 500/1200 pour PS Vita avec Henkaku, porté par cpasjuste puis modifié par rsn8887.

Version 1.33
implemented three fully mappable custom configs, configurable in controls menu. Quick switch between them using "L+Start"
allow the "other joystick" to be mapped in custom controls to the Dpad or any buttons. This only works if ports is not set to "both". Works great for Llamatron in dual joystick mode!


virtual keyboard transparency adjust now toggles between four values, two of which cause zero slow-down when keyboard is displayed.
resolution/zoom quick switch with R+Start+Dpad left/right is now more responsive


Allow menu quit from within sub-menus using 'select'


updated autocentering of analog sticks so that both sticks are always auto-centered, not just the one that controls the mouse


Changed controls. The virtual keyboard is too useful to put it on an obscure combo. Start Button now toggles the virtual keyboard. When keyboard is active, right analog stick then controls the keyboard's vertical position and transparency. When keyboard is off, use R+Start+Dpad to move screen up and down and to quick switch between common resolutions. This used to be just Start+Dpad. Now it is R+Start+Dpad.


bugfix: the virtual keyboard sometimes sent joystick button presses to the emulator when selecting keys. This has been fixed.


virtual keyboard hotkeys added, square = backspace, triangle = toggle shift
virtual keyboard controls are now more responsive


virtual keyboard transparency is now adjustable (START+dpad left/right)
fixed bug in virtual keyboard initialization where the keyboard send an endless string of ' symbols on boot up before it was first opened


vastly improved virtual keyboard: The image is now bigger, supports more keys including the shift modifier, and is transparent (thanks to ScHlAuChi for the new keyboard image and many ideas)
Fixed virtual keyboard not reacting when custom dpad mode was active
The virtual keyboard can now be moved up and down using start+dpad up and start + dpad down.


virtual keyboard (mapped to "hold start then press select")
labels in custom control menu now reflect Vita controller
default analog mouse control deadzone increased from 100 to 1000 to fix mouse pointer drift (can be changed in menu)
default joystick port set to 1, since the mouse is always on (can be changed in menu)


added analog joystick deadzone setting
implemented autocentering to fix mouse pointer drift on some Vitas. Centering happens on program start and whenever the menu is opened
START+DPAD left/right for quick switching between different zoomed screenmodes, useful for games like Chaos Engine. Use START+DPAD up/down to center screen after quick switching.


fixed broken analog mouse control dead zone and improved mouse analog sensitivity


moved shader config to display menu


added analog mouse support with menu option to choose left or right stick for mouse control
new menu items in misc menu: shader choice (default: sharp_bilinear_simple) choice which analog stick to use for mouse
disabled broken gp2x stylus mode and mouse emu mode
L/R are mouse buttons now
screen movement switched from L+R+DPAD to START+DPAD
START does not switch input modes anymore (mouse is always enabled)
updated Readme.txt with new Vita control scheme
fixed misc menu entries for shader and analog mouse
custom controls menu is now more snappy


perfect 2x scaling support to reduce pixel wobble
HD Dir fix (supports one HD Dir & one HDF simultaneously, but max hdf size is still 1 Gb)
Shader support implemented by Cpasjuste

Télécharger UAE4All mod 1.33: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200Télécharger UAE4All mod 1.33: Emulateur Amiga 500/1200