SDLPoP v1.3: Prince Of Persia

cpasjuste et usineur ont porté SDLPoP sur HENkaku, qui est donc un portage open source du jeu original Prince Of Persia.

Rebase with last features / enhancements of SDLPoP original project
Enable toggle fullscreen

Fix music resume after clicking to the PS button.
Enable L/R buttons to respectively quick load/save your progression.
Add keyboard support to enter your name in the hall of fame (you must finish the game first)

Loading time is reduced
Unneeded "overclocking" is removed
Real fullscreen mode
Circle button performs the same action as "up" button

Télécharger SDLPoP v1.3: Prince Of PersiaTélécharger SDLPoP v1.3: Prince Of Persia

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Le jeu reste bloqué sur l'intro, pas moyen de le lancer, ni même de voir le level 1 :( (Psvita fat)