Basilisk II v0.32: Emulateur Macintosh 68k

Basilisk II est un émulateur pour PSVita faisant tourner l'os Macintosh 68k.

Vous aurez besoin d'une copie de MacOS et d'une image rom macintosh.

Version 0.32
- Ajout du support du clavier virtuel danzeff en appuyant sur start.

Version 0.31
Vita buttons can now be mapped to mac input events.
Access menu using select key during emulation, Can be used to mount floppy/cdrom images and change button mapping.

Version 0.3
Implemented UI preferences editor
Cpu frequency can now be set
Video Output can be stretched to 16x9

Version 0.2
Add support for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
Fixed bug where hard disks were mounted read-only.

Port of BasiliskII to the Vita. Based off Chilly Willy's excellent port to the PSP.


Original video modes from psp port plus new native res for vita:
726x544 - Native 4x3
No support for the following currently:
Depth modes other than 8 bit
UDP tunnelling
External keyboard or keyboard input
Native file system access

Known Issues

Crashes after coming out of standby

How to install

Install BasiliskII.vpk in the usual way
Create folder in ux0:/data/BasiliskII
Follow psp installation guide except folders/files should go into ux0:/data/BasiliskII
ie rom into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/roms, disk images into ux0:/data/BasiliskII/disks
Modify BasiliskII_prefs from psp Basilisk release. Modify paths to rom and disk images as appropriate
Change screen to one of the supported resolutions Note only 8 bit depth is supported screen 726/544/8
Copy BasiliskII_prefs to ux0:/data/BasiliskII

Additional Notes

Only tested with OS 7.5.5, modelid 5 and cpu 3


Chilly Willy for his excellent psp port officiel :

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